The movement is coming to
create a world that honors women & the feminine

Welcome to work that breaks my heart & work that makes my heart flutter.

Hello, I’m Rhianna. I’m a sensual rebel, a wild woman, and a chronic pain sufferer now 100% pain free. I’m embodied in my feminine energy, have fire in my veins, and a love for languages on my tongue.

People living in chronic pain breaks my heart. I’m an expert in chronic pain relief, with more pain neuroscience education than most practioners. I offer nearly a decade of personal and professional expertise to get you out of pain for good.

The feminine honored makes my heart flutter. I tossed a wish attached to a coin into the well of the feminine & she claimed ownership of my fate. I saw a vision, of women at peace and safe living in a man’s world, and a movement to create a world that honors women and the feminine. This space was created in the dark, the void, the unknown and is about to be brought to light, to life.