You are a force of nature, a leader and killing it at work, fiercely committed to your relationships, and taking care of your health. Yet despite your brilliance and commitment, you feel like something is missing.

When you look at your life on paper, does it look amazing, but you don’t feel amazing? 

Rather, you feel extinguished, turned off by life vs turned on, and yet also frustrated and like you’re fighting to control life. 

  • Do you approach your life like your meetings – in charge and with an agenda? 
  • Do you control outcomes, expecting x amount of time and effort to deliver your result?
  • Do you keep making short-term sacrifices on repeat, saying “I just want to get this done.”?

If you are tired, yet still pushing through it’s time for a shift. 

If you’re passionate, deeply moved by your work, yet averse to a life of hustle, this is for you.

If you are unwilling to settle for a life without power and pleasure, presence and peace…
then you’re in the right place.

I understand. I was there too.

There is another way to work without sacrificing your physical, mental, and emotional health. 

  • without adding more in
  • without making drastic changes
  • without going it alone
  • without quitting the job

I’ve lived the busy corporate life where your schedule manages you and
feeling like there is little space for choice or change.

Once I noticed the pattern of too much output of energy and not enough input,
I found the key to what was missing in my life: feminine energy.

To achieve a life of immense accomplishment and profound peace as a woman,
you must turn on your feminine energy.

Are you ready to turn yours on?

Transformation starts with a heart to heart

Let’s map out how to turn on your feminine energy.

It’s hard to describe the space Rhianna holds, but it is truly special. I first started seeing Rhianna for physical pain – which she’s brilliant at – but her approach to holistic health is deeply insightful and immediately applicable to whatever pain struggle or mental block is keeping me from pursuing my work with all my energy and focus. I am not someone who rests easily and Rhianna gets how hard that is for high achieving women.
Jasmine H
During my last session with Rhianna I came in exhausted and achy from a chaotic week. By the end of the session, I was calm, relaxed and in less pain overall. Rhianna creates a safe space to reflect and shift how I'm feeling to how I want to feel - calm, relaxed and in control.
Andrea E
Rhianna is different from other therapists because she continues to enrich her breadth of resources from nutrition, feminine cycles and wellness in general to provide holistic support.
McKinzie K


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