You are a force of nature, a leader and killing it at work, fiercely committed to your relationships, and taking care of your health.

Yet despite your brilliance and commitment, there is no hiding from the truth that you can no longer maintain this busy-ness, intensity, and focus. Your health is suffering on every level and what you’re doing isn’t working. You resist needing support, but you needed a contingency plan yesterday.

As a results and efficiency oriented powerhouse, this is your invitation to skip all the figuring it out and “I can do it alone” mantra you’ve been saying to yourself for years and instead invest in a program made specifically for you. 

This program:

  • honors your fast and furious pace of life
  • deeply understands how you find safety in control
  • transforms rest from an achilles heel into a superpower
Why me

Here’s what I want you to know about the level of my work and how I’m unlike every other coach out there…

Burnout is everywhere, especially for women, but here’s how I am different from other coaches. I am an advanced body mind soul therapy teacher, healer, guide (no woo woo, I promise) and former corporate burnout. This program was designed for you and I will create a subprogram specific to you that will heal your burnout, shift your lifestyle so it never happens again, and empower you with easy tools that fit into your busy schedule.

Your whole health is my focus, not just your burnout, stress, and creating healthier patterns.

You are not a workhorse, my dear.

You are much more powerful than that.
Let’s make it happen!

Rhianna Gawrys is the founder of The Relief Space, a private practice specializing in a non-touch approach that transforms her clients from chronic pain to pain free for life. Diagnosed with chronic back pain at the age of 24 and living in high levels of pain with only surgery or opioids as her options, Rhianna fiercely searched for a solution, found it, became 100% pain free with zero limitations within 2 years, and is now certified in the therapy that transformed her life from a black tunnel of despair to abundance and freedom.

Yet as a hard working go-getter she completed her training specializing in neuro-muscular reeducation therapy and Somayoga therapy and started her business while working full time with CEOs of the largest companies in her home state (like 3M, Medtronic, and Cargill) and soon enough burnt out.

She retired from corporate work at 32 with the intention of taking 3 months off to heal from burnout, but which turned into 6 months as more transition and hardship touched her life. The practices she created during these months in combination with her therapy skills and health specific to women, healed her old and new pain, transformed her life, and are the bedrock of her signature program, The Powerful Femme Initiation.