Not sure why you’re in pain?

Want long-term pain relief versus pain management?

If you have a great life but… ugh, this pain!

If you’ve tried everything and don’t know what else to do?

Friend, you’ve come to the right place. I know what you’re going through because I’ve lived it too. And now I no longer live in any pain.


I work privately with clients to make lasting changes in their health to: 

  • Find pain relief, not pain management
  • Feel more whole, ease, abundance, and joy

We’ll work with therapeutic movements, breath work, mindset, and understanding that our physical, emotional, and mental health is all connected and by building a personalized plan specific to you.


Coined Somatics by its creator – yogi, philosopher, and medical student – Thomas Hanna, neuro-muscular reeducation therapy reeducates your muscles by consciously contracting and lengthening them. This input into the sensory motor system ensures long-term results. During sessions, clients are guided through therapeutic movements of muscular contractions and lengthening to achieve long-term pain relief.

About Rhianna

After being diagnosed in 2014 with chronic back pain, I tried everything recommended by my doctors and was left with two options: surgery or pain medications. Not satisfied with either choice, I kept looking and was introduced to neuro-muscular reeducation therapy. After one session, I felt relief from pain for the first time since my injury and started on my journey of healing. Within two years, I declared myself pain free.

My injury and pain is long behind me and I am now an advanced teacher of the therapy that changed my life from despair to hope.

My mission is to help others living with chronic pain or discomfort by empowering them with education and tools to heal and create a life without pain.

I’m in my final level of training to become a certified therapist (expected 2022). See a full list of my training and certifications listed in my Client Bill of Rights as required by the State of Minnesota for complementary and alternative health care practices (CAM) under Minnesota Statutes section 146A.01.