The Femme Initiation

Women’s embodiment activator, yoga therapist & mental emotional wellness teacher Rhianna Gawrys, presents…

The Femme Initiation

Creating a world that honors women & the feminine

The women before us proved without shadow of a doubt that we could succeed as well as any man,
but it came with a cost.

The cost of denying our feminine:

  • The epidemic of overwhelm, stress, and exhaustion amongst women.
  • The disconnection from our bodies due to feeling unsafe, leading to pain, sickness, and loss of sensuality and sexuality.
  • The trauma resulting from the idolization of the female body for the male gaze.
  • The fatigue of always bearing the mental load.
  • The struggle to acknowledge, process and healthily express our emotions. Instead swallowing and denying them rather than be branded “too much” or “too sensitive”.
  • The normalization of painful periods and of suffering in silence during menopause.
  • The disregard for and belittlement of female intuition, which is body based, creative, and brilliant.
  • The restless discomfort of affirming our self worth without it tied to our productivity or output.

It's time for the next phase of female liberation, whereby we forge a new path that honors the feminine & works for women.

Chances are:

  • You approach your life like your meetings – in charge and with an agenda.
  • You control outcomes, expecting x amount of time and effort to deliver your result.
  • You keep making short-term sacrifices on repeat, thinking “I just want to get this done.” or continually saying “I’m fine.”
  • You feel like you’re fighting to control life.
This is all a result of approaching life with too much masculine energy and not enough feminine energy.

Feminine energy is the essence behind feminine power

Feminine energy is the path, tool, permission slip & map to:

  • Feel safe & secure during uncertainty & in relationships
  • Be successful & happy without sacrificing life or health to overwhelm
  • Body love without parameters & expectations, just confidence in your own skin
  • Be deeply connected to who you are & feel aligned in mind, body, soul & deeds

Where we begin, begins with where you are

For the woman who:

  • Is overwhelmed & needed a contingency plan yesterday
  • Has no room for more & desperately needs less
  • Likes it quick & potent

Masculine energy is exhausting

For the woman who:

  • Is ready to gently yet profoundly transform her life with feminine energy
  • Feel power & pleasure, presence & peace daily
  • Likes it deep & meaningful

Feminine energy is enriching

Become a woman unto yourself: bold, fierce, skillful & free

I am a sensual pleasure rebel, a wild woman, and a trailblazer.

I see so many feminine energy niches: “Lead your business with feminine power”, “unlock feminine codes”, “use feminine energy and polarity to attract committed masculine men”.

But I was looking for something more profound, dynamic and all encompassing than a niche.

  • I didn’t want a feminine business that honored my rhythms yet then bear the burden of the mental load at home.
  • I didn’t want a loving committed masculine man yet sacrifice my life and health to overwhelm.
  • I didn’t want to feel sexy and confident in my skin yet constantly prove and strive for success at work.
  • I didn’t want to feel deeply connected to myself yet be surrounded by a life that felt inauthentic.

I wanted it all; not in niche. But I never saw anyone teaching how to embody and approach life with feminine energy in all areas.

So I learned how to do it myself and now I trailblaze this new paradigm of living and working that honors the feminine.

Nothing will ever feel the same once you embody feminine energy

What she said

I went from feeling tired, overextended and frustrated, to calm, grounded and more aware of my body and energy. I frequently refer back to the program teachings. The practices work, in all areas of life! They gentle me back to a state of peace. And the sessions are like a multilayer massage. I feel more centered in my body, I get a read on my emotional and energetic levels and I'm ready for what's next. This course is a lifelong resource. The way is so simple yet requires daily attending. I still get caught up in the daily grind but now I complete the stress cycle faster and allow my intuition to guide me. Rhianna has helped me on so many levels: physically, energetically and in my business!
McKinzie K
2 weeks into doing the daily practice the pressure of stress in my chest was gone! About a month in, I got news from my daughter that really worried me – the I thought I'd be up all night type of worry –, but I did the practice and slept better than I do on non-stressful nights. It feels like the practice is adding a protective bubble around me keeping stress out.
Beth M
During my last session with Rhianna I came in exhausted and achy from a chaotic week. By the end of the session, I was calm, relaxed and in less pain overall. Rhianna creates a safe space to reflect and shift how I'm feeling to how I want to feel - calm, relaxed and in control.
Andrea E
It’s hard to describe the space Rhianna holds, but it is truly special. I first started seeing Rhianna for physical pain – which she’s brilliant at – but her approach to holistic health is deeply insightful and immediately applicable to whatever pain struggle or mental block is keeping me from pursuing my work with all my energy and focus. I am not someone who rests easily and Rhianna gets how hard that is for high achieving women.
Jasmine H