“I spent the day dusting my blinds. My right shoulder and arm were sore and my first impulse was to grab some pain relievers, which can leave my stomach hurting. I decided instead to correct the problem and signed up for a short session with Rhianna. She quickly relieved my pain and I went home…

Beth Hydrologist

“I live in Tahiti and am not used to the cold. During a visit to Minnesota, I threw my back out so badly due to the cold that I could barely move. Luckily, I was visiting my friend Rhianna who took me through these simple movement which released the seized up muscles. After only a…

Romain Oncology Nurse Taaone Hospital, Tahiti

“I found it amazing that such small, thoughtful moves could make such a difference. My back pain is only intermittent, but when it flares up, I know what to do thanks to Rhianna and her neuro-muscular therapy.” – Kate, Owner, MK Consulting

Kate Owner MK Consulting

“With Rhianna’s help and assistance, I discovered simple and mindful movements that have allowed me to find additional ways to provide relief from pain. These movements were easy enough for me to incorporate them into my daily routine.” – Lisa