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Pain Therapy & Work From Home Ergonomics

for those living in chronic pain and discomfort.

During the coronavirus pandemic, our services have shifted to virtual and now include supporting client’s comfort while working from home.

How are you going to do hybrid work with one chair?

Don’t know? We do! And we’ve got your back.

When living in pain, it’s important to know how to set yourself up well according to your pain concerns. 

We’re blending our knowledge of pain therapy with ergonomics to set up your home office – and without the  expensive office equipment.

  • Employees or individuals working at home: 30-minute ergonomic desk setup virtual consultation + assessment report
  • Employers: check out our Protect The Asset program

More home office resources available on Instagram


The Relief Space releases chronic held tension using neuro-muscular therapy movements. This multidisciplinary approach emphasizes body awareness to mentally rewire the brain to:

  • find relief from pain;
  • find ease from tension; and
  • gain functional movement.


In coming to The Relief Space, you’re gaining a partnership on your journey to healing. We’ll work to unravel the muscular patterns causing your concerns and, through one-on-one sessions, you’ll learn to self-correct with simple therapeutic movements and prevent further injury.


Healing from chronic discomfort and pain is possible. During one-on-one sessions, we’ll identify areas of pain and ineffective muscle patterns, discuss your goals, and create an individualized therapeutic plan. Best results include a short at home practice and follow up sessions as needed.


Discomfort Package

Threw your back out? Stiff or sore at work? Periodic pain that’s been around less than 12 weeks? This is a good place to start.

Chronic Package

After 12 weeks of consistent pain you enter chronic pain, whether back pain, sciatica, plantars fasciitis, frozen shoulder, hip pain, etc. Once chronic, more sessions are needed to undo the dysfunctional pattern causing your condition.

Single Sessions

Just started feeling some discomfort? Want to simply feel better in your body? Need a quick refresher? This one’s for you.


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Find relief from pain and discomfort.