Motherhood series

Supporting mothers' bodies from pregnancy through the 9 months after giving birth.

The Motherhood series attends to you body's needs during this 18 month journey

This series has been lovingly created with your body in mind...

  • Keep your pelvis – your foundation – stable, mobile, and strong
  • Prevent, alleviate or eliminate any pelvic floor, back, or shoulder pain or concerns
  • Therapeutically tend to each stage of your body from pregnancy to post-child
I’ve lived with chronic pain for 30-years and have had many rounds of therapy sessions and ergonomic assessments. I had never heard from medical experts the information Rhianna shared with me. I felt so empowered to make quick changes to my workspace and reduce my pain .

P.S. If we haven't met yet... Hello! I'm Rhianna Gawrys đź‘‹

Choosing a partner during your pregnancy is an important decision. I take your health and your child’s health seriously.

But if I’m not a mom, why am I offering this series? Because my friends are moms and mothers to-be and I wanted to support them with the unique skills of this therapy.

In 2015, I started out on this journey to be a neuro-muscular reeducation therapist to get people out of pain. But the same techniques I use to eliminate pain, also apply to women’s pelvic floor health. 

This 3 part series was created as a gift to my friends and now I want you to have these tools to make your body more at ease during and after pregnancy. And which will serve your for a lifetime.

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Series 1: Pregnancy

You’ve probably heard pre-natal yoga is good for future moms; Well this is therapeutic yoga. And the home practice you’ll want supporting you.

  • Release tension in the lower back as your baby grows
  • Focus on building strength and flexibility
  • Education on your pelvic floor, it’s more than just kegels. Did you know your pelvic floor as 3 levels of muscles?

This series will offer modification as you progress through pregnancy.

Series 2: Postpartum +

As your body adjusts post pregnancy, this series will focus on:

  • Gently attending to any continued tension in your back
  • Creating ease in your upper body as you hold, breastfeed, and cuddle with your new born
  • Be the gentle TLC your body needs after 9 months of miraculous work

Series 3: The Next 9 Months

After postpartum, this round of therapeutic classes will support you with:

  • Tending to your side body as your little one hangs out on your hips
  • Keeping your pelvis stable, mobile, and strong
  • Give you 75-minutes of YOU time – you deserve it!
My uterus feels lighter!
Mother of 4 & Grandmother of 6
My consultation with Rhianna Gawrys resulted in immediate improvement in my quality of life. She showed me how to create a proper work environment with the resources immediately around me. I am not only more comfortable, but more productive. I cannot recommend Rhi's services enough.
Employee at U.S. State Department


How it works and what you need.

What equipment do I need?

We’ll let you know which specific props are needed for each class but, in general, you’ll need…

All series:

  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket: choose one that folds easily; wool and Mexican-style work best
  • Yoga block
  • 8′ D-ring strap (Alternatives: a scarf, belt, or thera band)
  • Bolster for under knees (Alternatives: big pillow(s) or thick blanket)
  • If possible: a quiet space with no distractions

Series 1:

  • Sturdy chair (dinning room style, no arms)
  • Birthing ball
  • The more props the merrier to make you most comfortable

Series 2 & 3:

  • Rolled up towel
  • Small hand towel

Delivery format – What does the series look like?

While I’d love to invite you to my studio, to increase access during our busy lives, this 3-part series is virtual. Each series is 3 classes and classes are 75-minutes long.

Contrary to popular culture, I believe less is more. 3 classes during each series will give you more than enough therapeutic movements and tools to support your journey. While it’s not required, I strongly suggest you develop a home practice from these classes that fits into your routine.

How much does it cost?

Each series is $75. Upon signing up for each, you’ll be asked for payment.

I'm interested but I have some specific health concerns... how can I know if these classes will work for me?

I’m so glad you asked. Please reach out to me directly so we can discuss your concerns and determine if the classes are a good fit.

I've been a mom for a long time... is series 1 appropriate for me?

Yes! Series 1 includes the therapeutic movements I use with my private clients. Especially, if you have back pain, you’ll enjoy these.

Still uncertain? Email me and we’ll discuss your goals and discuss the best resource.

What exactly is therapeutic yoga?

Great question. The International Association of Yoga Therapy describes yoga therapy like this…

“Although all yoga is potentially therapeutic and healing, yoga therapy is the specific application of yogic tools—postures/exercises, breathwork, meditation techniques, and more—to address an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional needs.”

Our series will use all these tools to support you, the woman, the mother, the mother to-be, no matter where you are on this journey.

What conditions have you worked with?

This list is not exhaustive:

  • Back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee pain
  • Plantars fasciitis
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Carpal tunnel
  • TMJ
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Bulging, herniated discs
  • Limping walk
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Pre- and post- surgery